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3 simple steps!

  1. Grant fb permissions

    First step

    To start the process we have to know what you like on Facebook so we'll display only box you haven't already liked.
    Just press on the button "Connect with Facebook" above to login and grant permission to FreeFanLikes.com.
    The service can be used only if you have a valid and active Facebook profile and after you grant the permission* to your likes to the FreeFanLikes.com Fb apps.
    * We will ask the authorization for the likes list only!

  2. Like! the boxes

    Second Step

    Now you can start to like the boxes displayed. Once you liked a box this will disappear, so you can stand still on a like button and continue to click in the same place. if you think you never could like a page of the list you can skip it (max 4 boxes per page), or report for inappropriate content (max 3 boxes per page). If you are still disappointed and you can skip or report anymore: simply reload.

  3. Insert your fb Page and start to be Liked!

    Final Step

    Once you have liked all the boxes a form will appear: insert your facebook page URL and your email (this will not be distributed to third party!).
    Now your page will randomly appear in the grid!
    If you want to have more visibility try our premium service.

* Remember: more people use this service more likes you will get, so please share freefanlikes! Share!